Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Politics of the absurd

Responses to my email announcing the probable closure of the bookshop continue to come in. So many people feel the shop to be an important and vital part of the town. 

What direction is society taking? As a species are we capable of resisting the slide towards mediocrity, or will we choose the easier option and obliterate ourselves first?

I met Janet Alty today for the first time in maybe twenty years. A seasoned Green Party campaigner from Leamington. She says how difficult it is talking politically to young people in particular now that the tipping point of climate change is some six years behind us and no foreseeable change of policy by the world's governments can stem the tide. 

We have to hope because to be without hope is hopeless, yet the die is cast for us. What a truly absurd situation to be in. You have to laugh. Crying never got anyone anywhere. 

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