Saturday, 24 August 2013

More of a life

Having decided to retire, I can't wait for the day to come! People keep suggesting ways in which I could keep the shop going. That's very kind and some of the ideas could be very helpful. But they miss the point. I have to say to them, "I am retiring. Which of those three words do you not understand?!!"

That's a joke of course but I have to make the point that there can be — and for most people hopefully is — a time after stopping 'work' when we can fulfil some of the ambitions we had in earlier life and reflect upon and in some ways perhaps re-enact those years gone by.

I don't know whether we reincarnate and have a second life, and that seems to me to be one of those questions we simply cannot answer. I'm genuinely sorry that some people make this an article of faith, because I don't see that it's something you believe or disbelieve. Because I think it distracts them from the wonder and beauty of the life we are living here and now. So much of so-called Christianity of the past dwelt on assuring people of a wonderful afterlife as compensation for the grinding poverty they suffered at the hands of the church, the monarchy and the other landowners. The church managed to convince people that there was an intrinsic merit in poverty and suffering, because they led you to this beatific world beyond the grave. Some people still dwell on this hope. What a pity. 

I suppose that for those who sadly go through this life expecting the worst, it represents some kind of fulfilment.