Saturday, 4 January 2014

Sale day

The sale has begun! Five people in here by 9.30, by 9.35 I can't see to the front of the shop.

A woman has gone off in a temper because she can't read the location maps on the backs of the OS maps to work out where Charlbury is. Two customers tried to help but she has thrown the maps down and left. Perhaps she will bring her reading glasses next time she comes to a bookshop.

I pour myself a coffee while customers try and resolve the gridlock in front of me. "Are you in the queue?" "No, just trying to get past." Short of standing on my chair, I can't count the number of people in here. If one breathes in, another has to breathe out.

Have taken £400 in 40 minutes. Wish that had been a typical day's takings in the past!

Not long before I spot a friend who has studiously avoided the shop for years. She's here for the pickings. There will be more.

Made two mistakes with change so far! Atypical. It's not that I feel tired at the end of a week's work, it's feeling tired at the end of 45 years' work!

Can't help noticing that after 100 minutes and perhaps £800 I've sold perhaps one children's book. Confirms all my prejudices. Bother.

125 minutes in and sold two children's books to an 80-year-old. Hooray!

Closed at 1. What a lot there is to sell next week!!

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